Visiting Friends – Stop Nbr. One, Rogers, MN

 Finally arrived in a town where we know someone on this cross country trek! My friends Laura and Brad Behrendt and their great kids, Maggie and Joe, live in Rogers, MN. Spent the afternoon and evening talking food, wine, food, kitchen equipment, food and watching Laura prep a pizza dinner….you see where Laura and I are on the food scale – at the top!

After visiting Larua & Brad, I am so lusting after two pieces of equipment they have – the salamander (in the kitchen pix) and the Kettle pizza cooker. I’m thinking this Kettle is the way to go for us, much less expensive to start with and it does a darn nice job of grilling pizzas.

 Laura prepped 5 or 6 pizzas and each one was better than the other! Great flavors.

 Brad acted as the little old pizza cooker and as you can see, he really gets into his job in comfort!

 A couple of our pizzas and a good time was had by all! Along with a little wine (Spanish Tempranillo) and Rhubarb Lemonade, that we’d never tasted before, but will be making them now!!

 And, she sent me home with a goodies bag of her garden goodies she has been preserving – all look darn good to me – now, to decide what to use first.
Yellow Heirloom Salsa – bound to be a sauce for slow cooking short ribs for some wonderful tacos.
Yellow Heirloom spaghetti sauce – destined for lunch today over Campanelle and a couple of garnishes.
Heirloom Pizza/Spaghetti Sauce – looking for my pizza dough to get busy with this one.

Supposed to rain today, so she has a great prime rib dinner planned with a surprise local dessert. Stay tuned……….


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