The Hunt for Ribs in Kansas City

Up and out early this Saturday morning in pursuit of BBQ Ribs in the city of the best sauces I have loved over the years, Kansas City – but to go to Kansas City, Missouri, or to Kansas City, Kansas. Opted for the closest since we’re staying in Missouri after a quick non-productive stop at Independence farmers market. No corn to be had, but they did have watermelon…???? (trip wasn’t completely wasted – found a cute pair of earrings)

Found The Local Pig Charcuterie,, a butcher shop with a little ‘shack’ attached at the back called ‘Pigwich Shop’ where they sell sandwiches. Not ready for those yet, so we bypassed and headed to the butcher area and found a windfall of more meat, sausages, charcuterie, etc. than I could possibly choose between.
Sept 20 The Local Pig Charcuterie
Finally narrowed our purchases down to: a slice each of head cheese & rabbit pate (for a charcuterie platter at home); Burnt ends sausages; ‘rotating pot pies’ savory filled (sausage, potato, gravy, not sure what else) little breakfast bun which we will split and have with lamb bacon (had never heard of or thought of this). Had to stop there!

On our lists of stops – next was The Seattle Fish Co. (in Kansas City??), but they were not open on weekends, will head there next week. They advertise “If it swims, we have it”. Just take a gander of their roster  I’m going to have real trouble with this place.

We’d worked up an appetite and figured we could now start foraging for ribs. First stop – McCoy’s Public House,, found a couple of new wines to try: Dreaming Tree Cab (my choice and it was great) and Black Cabra Malbec (which Roy equally enjoyed). Hoping to allow room in our tummies for a few more stops, we started with an appetizer – Bag of Bones, a pile of Garlic-Chile Honey Boney Spareribs with crispy sesame wonton slaw and a doggy bag. Not the usual doggy bag, but a paper sack to throw our bones in as we cleaned them!
The ribs had all the flavors – pungent (acrid) sweet, sour, bitter and salty and were some of the tastiest ribs I’ve ever had; even tho they were not the K.C. ribs we had set out to discover. I was so taken with the crispy wonton slaw that our server, Angel (and she certainly was!), brought me a container of the slaw and 2 containers of the vinaigrette to bring home to try duplicating.

Since our wine taste buds had been awakened, we headed next to Belvoir Winery,
Sept 20 Belvoir Winery
What a beautiful building and setting for a winery. They are in the process of developing a B & B, if you will, for weddings, conventions, and I’m sure the general public. The wines were surprisingly tasty and with more body than I would have hoped. (must get past the notion we will be hurting for good drinkable wines when we leave the west coast!) P.S. This was the first time we had ever seen hard liquor for sale in a wine tasting room! One of the pourers proclaimed proudly – “We get away with everything in Missouri!” Found out later, Missouri really does; it has the most lenient liquor laws in the U.S.

Broke our ‘1-bottle per winery’ edict and purchased Casanova – a blend of Missouri Chambourin, California Syrah (7% – no wonder I liked this one), Missouri St. Vincent grapes; and Naked Pink, a Catawaba grape (“…a red American grape variety used for wine as well as juice, jams and jellies. The grape can have a pronounced musky or “foxy” flavor.[1] Grown predominantly on the East Coast of the United States” Wikipedia)

We stayed at the winery so long talking to a great group of visitors and the ‘pouring’ staff, that it was almost dinner time and we actually found we had room in the tummy for our rib pursuit. Headed back to Independence to stop at Smokehouse BBQ – heading back was our first mistake! Why didn’t we stay in K.C. and go to a rib ‘joint’ recommended to us by folks we know? Dumb.

Our rib platter (beef, pork & chicken) was so bad, we didn’t even eat it! Dry, stringy, tasteless except for the dollop of sauce added last minute. But, I must admit the baked beans were some of the best I’ve had! And, the coleslaw was very tasty, too. Our server, bless his heart, only charged us for our wine & a side of beans. So, we were only out one experience of trying the local fare, which hurts because I want to limit our restaurant stops.

We will be eating ‘high off the hog’ so to speak for the next few days and then we’ll go foraging again – we’re here for 2 weeks after all!

Sunday Champagne brunch will be the pot pie, lamb bacon and an egg over top. Later, a charcuterie platter including the pate and headcheese and a few other goodies. Not sure how we will enjoy the burnt ends sausage……


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