March 15, 2015 – Dinner with Chef Dave & Pam Nelson

Chef Dave Nelson and his wife, Pam, treated us to one of the best and certainly most fun dinners on the road. But, I must say every time we meet up with old cooking forum friends from Chef2Chef, it is always an Event!!

So, sit down with a glass of wine and put your feet up – because I took notes and pictures of almost every step of our dinner.
Here’s our menu:

1st course –
Hazelnut-Crusted Foie Gras with Plums and Sunflower Honey – from the book, “Foie Gras: A Passion” by Michael A. Ginor – can you imagine an entire ‘thick’ book of ideas for using Foie Gras??
???????????????????????????????  2 oz. pkg. makes for a trouble-free portioned start to working with the Foie Gras. Chef Dave is a Rep for Harvest Specialty Foods (exotic meats) and this is one of his products.
???????????????????????????????  Foie Gras – quickly browned on each side and slipped in a ‘screaming hot’ oven for another 30 seconds and ready to go.
???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  Micro Greens topped with honey sautéed plums, foie gras and toasted hazelnuts and served with Raisin Toast points – everything just worked together.
It tasted as good as the plated dish looked.

2nd course –
Seared Duck with sautéed vegetables (bell peppers, mushrooms, onions) – drizzled with Duck demi-glace/5 pepper jelly sauce (a jelly made by Pam). This was my favorite of the night! P.S. almost forgot to mention – the duck was a dry-aged product his company is testing and working with – it’s great!
???????????????????????????????   Can’t get much better cook on a duck breast.
???????????????????????????????   Must admit I did a little licking of the plate on the way to the kitchen….. Pam’s 5 pepper jelly with the Duck demi-glace was outstanding.

3rd course –
Elote – a chip topper of caramelized grilled con tossed with a mayo-chicken stock sauce and served with Mexican chips. From the restaurant’s, Elote Café, cookbook, by Chef Jeff Smedstad, of Sedona, AZ

4th course –
Austrailian Wagyu Street Taco with homemade tortillas

Loved the combination of these flavors. Dave rubbed the ‘Tomahawk’ with a little of his Naughty Nelly’s spice rub then smoked to a beautiful medium rare piece of goodness! Pam made tortillas to hold all the goodies of the taco and also the refried black beans served along with Mexican rice. I could have eaten a dozen of these if I had not gorged myself on the previous 3 courses….. have to include every picture I took of tise beautiful hunk of meat which I’d never met in person before!!

And, we couldn’t quit here…

5th course –
Pam made the most luscious creamy Lemon Crème topped with a Blackberry sauce which I could not even finish I was so darn full – but Roy Richard had no  problem finishing it off for me. That man always has my back when it comes to food, bless his heart!

Our Cooks and hosts for a most fantastic dinner and evening – Chef Dave & Pam Nelson – thank you so much.
and of course I needed to record our visit for my album –

I wish we could go back and relive the entire evening….



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