March 26 – March 28 – A Visit with Wonderful Forever Friends

The Young’uns were our neighbors when we lived in the ’barn on the hill’ and the mature couple – Coleenie has been one of my closest friends since the early 70s, such a large part of my life and her husband, Roger. While new friends over the years are treasures, old friends who have walked your life path with you are so precious you never want to lose touch with them. Thanks for a wonderful visit!! (even if you did send me to bed for 10 straight hours!!)
???????????????????????????????  Our Kelly multi-tasking….
Mar 26 Roy Brent Discussing 2   Roy & Brent ‘discussing’

Mar 26 Roy Brent discussing 1 ….and, still discussing before Brent turned to me and picked on the ‘bleeding heart liberal’ in his life. 🙂

Next leg of our journey took us to Healdsburg, where we lived for six of our greatest family years – ever!!

Coleenie took a break from K.P. duty and we visited some interesting food stops in the Healdsburg/Windsor area. First stop was Kin and lots of dishes to share and taste.
???????????????????????????????  Pea Puree with Mint Bruschetta ( pea, mint, goat cheese and radish)Could  have made a meal on this one.
???????????????????????????????  My Charcuterie plate – soon to be a Pizza topping

???????????????????????????????  Roger & Coleenie and we all shared Blueberry Crisps.
???????????????????????????????  Coleenie infusing our coffee with Kahlua!! To get us started the next morning. Then on to an Omelet place to have brunch – 3 of us had the Red Flannel Hash and it was excellent with an egg topping.

As I said, we were able to catch up on our beauty rest with 10 straight hours of sleep and we’re ready to go again… I think. A few more days here to catch up with son Matt and our wonderful d-I-l, Wendy and hopefully more of the kids…



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