Completely O.T. – After the War: Mud, Floods, and Modernization

I have been so busy moving in to our new place, I have badly neglected keeping up with new recipes! And, my cooking/eating is showing it. Will be getting back to normal (or what passes for it 🙂 ) in a few days. But, since this being the weekend it is, I want to share a part of my state’s history with everyone.

I read this article in a waiting room the other day and I was just fascinated with it and thought I’d share it with everyone – especially this weekend when we’re celebrating our great county. It’s about returning G.I.s and their families in Pullman, WA

After the War: Mud, Floods, and Modernization, by Larry Clark

It starts out….. “After World War II, Bill Fitch left the Army, packed his duffel in Seattle and, with the U.S. government’s guarantee of free college tuition, headed to Pullman. When he and Al Smith, a fellow veteran and high school classmate, arrived at Washington State College, they found themselves on a campus crowded with thousands of GIs.”

It’s a fascinating account of this little slice of history in our state and was probably experienced around the country in other college towns.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this little piece of history and stick around for some fun hot-weather, easy-when-moving-in recipes!!

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