August 4, 2014 – Glacier Nat’l Park

I don’t have the vocabulary to express the beauty and grandeur of this park – from the creeks and lakes to the scariest drive of my life on the ‘Going to the Sun Hiway’ and seeing the world from 6,650 ft elevation at the top of a Glacier. My pictures  don’t do it justice, but this day will always be in my mind’s eye. If you’ve not been here, I suggest you move it up your bucket list, it is so worth it.

Starting at the west entrance to the park and starting on the ‘Going to the Sun Hiway,’ we came upon Lake McDonald as our first breathtaking view with the Glacier’s in the background. This is our very first selfie.
Aug 4 Lake McDonaldAug 4 Lake McDonald looking at GlaciersAug 4 Selfie at Lake McDonaldUp the road just a short way began Logan Creek in all it’s beauty and ferocity. Here is a link to the film I took of the creek (which does not do it justice, but the water against the rocks is beautiful) .
Aug 4 Logan Creek

After being lulled by the tranquility of the waterways, we began the climb that gave this highway its name…Going to the Sun Hiway. By the time the day was over I did feel we had conquered that quest. I have never been so afraid on a road in my life – I was literally leaning towards the inside of the mountain to help keep the truck from going over the cliff.

I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t even get out of the truck for pictures. We did stop and Roy got out admiring and I managed to take a picture at the summit (6,650 ft.) from the truck. Never thought I was so frightened about heights. I’m so glad we did this drive, but I never want to be on that road again!! In the picture below, you can see the road going along the top of the mountain – the very TOP of the picture of the mountain…that’s the road I’m talking about! Heart in the throat scary.
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Aug 4 6560 ft on Glaciers
We hit a pub the minute we reached St. Marys outside the park for a drink to sooth my nerves and a bit of sausage.
Branningan’s in Kalispell offers the Reuben sandwich which is ranked No. 1 in town, so of course, that’s where we headed. Being an Irish pub, they also offered pasties, and I’ve never tasted one. Pastry stuffed with ground beef, potatoes, onions & carrots and Guinness gravy. I wasn’t impressed; the pastry itself was very flaky, but with the potatoes added, it gave me the sense of doughiness (a word?). My normal pub fare of fried calamari was perfectly cooked, tho, so I was a happy camper along with Roy.
Aug. 4 Roy's Reuben BranningansAug 4 Beef PastieAug 4 Calamri Branningans
Came home and just collapsed – believe me it is exhausting to be tense for so long; but oh so worth it.