A Wonderful Day In Louisiana!!

This post will be a little disjointed, but bear with me – I cannot believe the people we are meeting here. I’m so shaggy (have not had a haircut since we left P.A.!), so drove to Lake Charles to a shop I’ve heard good things about.

On the way, we stopped at Hackett’s Cajun Kitchen and picked up Boudin Sausage, Spicy Pork Sausage and Pork Tasso
Did some running around and stopped back at Pat’s of Henderson – we’d been there a week or so ago and just had a ball with everyone. Nancy, the owner, is the one who took our Merry Christmas picture I posted on facebook – she and I just bonded immediately.

Anyway, we had another wonderful lunch – I had Crawfish Fettuccine and Roy had Crawfish Gumbo   Our leftovers from Pat’s – my crawfish fettuccine (in the dish it was served in ’cause it had all that crusty goodness!!) and Roy’s crawfish gumbo and a loaf of bread!!!!
AND THEN, as Nancy & I were talking, she said hold on I’ve got some things for you to play with –
Care pkg. from Pat’s: 1 3/4 lbs. of their corneal breading, 1 1/2 lbs. FRESH alligator, Sauce (1 Qt.) of some kind – hotter than hell, have to call & ask what it is, two pcs. Cheese cake with sauces and 2 unbaked loaves of their bread offering.

Unfriggin’believaable – These people are just unbelievably kind around here.

AND THEN, these notes from the different wait staff – that we can all play with

Daniel – stuff mushrooms with crab cake mixture.

Tina – her mom makes her gravy when she makes Yorkshire puddings (in a muffin pan) with equal amounts of jus and black coffee.

Tina again – she makes: Brown pork chops, set aside. IN same skillet make a sauce of sliced peaches (canned are fine) Nutmeg Butter Cinnamon Granulated sugar & brown sugar Milk to make creamy S&P

Ya think we’re going to be eating for the next week high off the hog??????????????

I’ll be back as soon as I play with some of this wonderful food!!! 🙂