March 22, 2015 – A Few Dishes From the Road To Be Remembered!!

We will pay for it later, but my Goodness, we are having a ball tasting our way around the U.S. and it didn’t end when we arrived back to the West Coast. I defy anyone to find more luscious produce depts. than  we have on the West Coast. I wanted to buy one of everything I saw! Even with all the wonderful new dishes we had been enjoying, I was beginning to feel deprived of the produce/fruit choices I am used to.

Stopped for lunch at a Macaroni Grill where we haven’t been for years and I was pleasantly surprised at the offerings that were not so very unhealthy – items not over-laden with starchy/cheesy pastas. Roy had a Sausage and potato dish that was both spicy and satisfying with grilled potatoes and veggies.
My choice was Pan Seared Branzino with Lemon Chardonnay Sauce – except they did not add the sauce. The kitchen didn’t even know they were to use it! A cook sent a cup out and it made all the difference in the dish. Also, loved the grilled lemon squeezed over the fish.
Guess I’m a little ahead of myself – after we’d decided on lunch choices, I happened to see on the menu, “Mac & Cheese Bites with Truffle Dip” and decided we couldn’t possibly pass that up and good sales person that we had for a server, she mentioned that appetizers were 2 for some good price….so had to add Goat Cheese stuffed Peppadews.
???????????????????????????????  Ran out of ‘Mac & Cheese’ before the Truffle dip, but a spoon took care of that – the dip was just wonderful!
??????????????????????????????? I didn’t even know I like Peppadew peppers – they are great and with the goat cheese and drizzle of Balsamic reduction…WOW!

Both were just wonderful and I’m anxious to duplicate the Truffle dip which is an Alfredo sauce with Asiago cheese and truffle oil. (P.S. Few days later, I found a deli which offered fresh peppadews, so I have everything to play with this appie!!)

Next leg of our trip was to get to Sonoma and Placer counties to visit friends for a couple of days. En route we detoured off the freeway in Davis for a light brunch which turned out to be humungous….a bacon cheeseburger to beat all!
??????????????????????????????? Even I couldn’t get my mouth around this one, but I sure tried!!
Then back on the road.