A Visit to Creston, B.C.

First time I’ve been in Canada except for ferry rides over to Victoria while we lived in Port Angeles, WA. What a beautiful country (I know ours is pretty spectacular also, but I’m just beginning to enjoy it!!) Canada is and have not met a rude ‘Cannuck’ (is that a slur – so hope not!) yet.
These pictures are as we were leaving Bonners Ferry crossing the Kootenai River
Aug 1 Kootenay River???????????????????????????????

Creston is a growing small town of approximately 5,600 to 6,000 residents at the base of the Kootenay River and joins the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. The sightseeing covers all the bases and interests of visitors, from museums, wildlife preservation farms, fruit stands every 1/2 block, Delis, but….only 3 wineries. That was a disappointment for us – but, we made the most of it.
Wynnwood Cellars, we didn’t even find – but Skimmerhorn Winery makes predominately white wines, as does  Baillie-Grohman winery because the weather is much more conducive to growing whites than reds. They both had Cab and Merlot, but that was it.

I brought a bottle of Skimmerhorn’s 2012 Devil’s Chair a Red wine/Vin Rouge (Gewurztraminer)  and from Baillie-Grohman, a bottle of 2013 Blanc de Noirs Rose which I’m hoping to match with some of the indigenous bounty here and develop some fun dishes.

Had lunch at Jimmy’s Pub and Grill, a dive on ‘Main St’ – and what was I thinking to order a Grilled Salmon Salad…I even asked the server if the salmon was grilled ‘properly’ and she assured me he knew what he was doing. The salad itself wasn’t too bad with a piquant vinaigrette, feta crumbles and more toasted pecans and walnuts (same salad) than I’ve seen in an 8 serving salad!!  Not thinking this place is a repeat.

The highlight of the day was stopping in at Famous Fritz Meats & Deli –
They had an European Sausage which because its casing is lamb, it can’t be taken into the U.S. So, we had to buy one to try – a very long, maybe 8” long and just 3/4″ in diameter and very pale looking. The flavor was bologna and if you like bologna (which we do) was very tasty. Also, picked up at Fritz’s, Beef Bacon, Bison Smokies (pizza?????), an envelope of Knorr’s `Jager sauce, which I’ve never seen in the states. Also, a loaf of the best rye bread I think I’ve ever tasted – and, yes, we are having trouble staying out of it. Wow, it’s tasty!
???????????????????????????????That’s it for our excursion into Canada at this point, maybe we’ll swing up again further along the route. Now, it’s time to return to the beach and Trinity at City Beach for an evening of live music, chowder and probably a dish or three of Huckleberry ice cream!!!
July 26 Sandpoint Sailboat